Day 3

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Day 3

Miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010, por ainhoarubiocuadrado

Re- thinking about the subject, I come with an idea: “Give a Hand”.

This idea is divided into 2 parts:

1)Use the space between the buildings; There are dead spots of the city where nothing is going on. How? Putting hands as hold- building. Something funny for the side walkers. The characteristic of this idea is the possibility of grown. People can add things, as paints, graffitis, spcultures, etc. Creating this way, an unique space, different from each other. An artistic place in the city that everybody can see.

2) Divided again into two parts:

-The hand garden: As the name says, it deals with the idea of giving hands to the society, who is in crisis. This hands want to be around the whole city. Creating green spaces, without the need of going out side to enjoy nature. This hands are all cover with grass. And hve differents sizes (could be huge, for lots of people, or small, for one person. The citizens can seat to read, have lucnh or just relax. But also kids can enjoy it playing around, in a green space.

-The fountain hand: It’s a refreshing area, where peolple can seat under the hand and be refresh with the waterfalls form between the fingers. The space it’s thinking to be enjoy by everybody, from elderly people to kids.

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