Day 1

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Day 1

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por ainhoarubiocuadrado

Day 1:

4 categories to start to deal with the concept of space. (Inspiration, Environment, Elements of life, Interaction). After a brainstorm each one of us is able to start to think in his own project and idea of space.

To me spaces in a city like Madrid, are areas where most of the time nothing is going on.

Those spaces are most  of the time are small pieces of blank between the buildings, too small to do anything with them. It’s unfortunate this no-use. Actually it could be a great place to show pieces of art to inspire the side walkers of the city. It’s a place where to bring some life, intellectual dynamism or just for fun.

One part of my project is to use this spaces to integrate art over the city, through paints or sculptures, all of them coming up from a sewer. As a metaphor of life. All kinds of things can grow from the heart of the ground, as the human being grows in the day a day life. These “art pieces” can speak about everything from deep thoughts to trivial things. It just depend on what you want to communicate. It also can be a place to show work of new artists, a platform of publicity  for them or art galleries.

The second part of the project it’s more  a big thing. Create an installation that interacts with the people trought the lights (sun light during the morning and leds lights at night) Light is everything in nature and life. Without it nothing grows, nothing lives. This space want to communicate a feeling of relax and transport the people to another world. A comfortable and kind of dreamy place, where the light plays with you. Like a capsule that takes you out of the routine and change your mood.

This project can also be develop further; with two variation:

1) Children; Add projections of colorful lights moving through the floor space. The colors influence the brain development and the movement develops their physical skills.

2)Elderly persons; Keeping the original idea just add lots of place where to have a seat and some area reserve to wheel chairs. It will be a space where they can go to relax from the stressful life of the city.

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